EUSA Rules and Regulations


International Regulations
The organization of the EUC Taekwondo shall be based on the most recent technical regulations of the European Taekwondo Union (ETU).

The following competitions will be held:

MEN:                                              WOMEN:
-54 kg                                             -46 kg
+54 kg to 58 kg                              +46 kg to 49 kg
+58 kg to 63 kg                              +49 kg to 53 kg
+63 kg to 68 kg                              +53 kg to 57 kg
+68 kg to 74 kg                              +57 kg to 62 kg
+74 kg to 80 kg                              +62 kg to 67 kg
+80 kg to 87 kg                              +67 kg to 73 kg
+87 kg                                            +73 kg

The EUC consist of three (3) competition days. The General Technical Meeting, where the presence of each Head of the Delegation is obligatory, will be held one day prior to the start of the competition.

The delegation will consist of athletes and officials from each University. A Head of the Delegation must be appointed. In addition, the delegation may, at their own cost, include a referee with at least the highest national license; the relevant license of the National Taekwondo Federation must be submitted two (2) months prior to the championship. Accommodation and food for the referee must be provided by the Championship’s Organizing Committee without charging the participation fee; no refereeing fee is provided.

Playing Scheme
The format of the tournament will be decided by SCAC taking into consideration the number of teams/athletes entered.

Draw, Seeding
The draw for the tournament will be done in the presence of a EUSA Representative taking into account EUSA Taekwondo and ETU ranking.

Financial obligations
Each team has to pay fees defined in EUC Regulations by the specified date. The deposit must be paid on EUSA request. Participation fee: 30 euros / person
Athletes and teams missing the deadline are required to meet their obligation on arrival!