Croatian Academic Sports Federation​


Croatian Academic Sports Federation is the umbrella organization of student sport in the Republic of Croatia, and in order to ensure the ongoing progress of student sport, it is necessary for it to have an efficient and flexible management structure. The Executive Committee manages the affairs of the Federation and performs the following tasks:

  • determines the composition, conditions and organization of university sports championships in the Republic of Croatia
  • decides on participation of national university sports teams at the international sporting events
  • organizes work and activities of the Federation in between the Assembly meetings
  • decides on accepting temporary members to the Federation
  • determines the proposal of the plan and work program and financial plan, as well as the annual budget
  • executes the plan and work program and financial plan of the Federation, and decides on distribution of the resources
  • appoints members of both permanent and temporary working bodies of the Federation, as well as selectors of the national university sports teams

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