13th November Semi Finals

13th November Schedule without final matches
petek zjutraj


12th November Preliminaries



Competition categories
Women’s competition will be held in the following categories: -46 kg, +46- 49kg, +49-53kg, +53-57kg, +57-62kg, +62-67kg, +67-73kg, +73kg
Men’s competition will be held in the following categories: -54kg, +57-58kg, +58-63kg, +63-68kg, +68-74kg , +74-80kg, +80-87kg, +87kg

Competitions for categories will be decided and presented during the General Technical Meeting.
System equipment is provided by ADIDAS, KP&P, Pride. Equipment for training will not be provided by the Organizing Committee, please bring all necessary belongings.

Contest time
2 minutes x 3 rounds with 1 minute break

Protective equipment & Uniform
Compulsory elements
WTF recognized Taekwondo Uniform – own equipment
Groin/Forearm/shin guards and Gloves – own equipment
Mouth piece – white or transparent – own equipment
KP&P PSS and sensing Head gears – provided by the Organizing Committee
E-Footsocks, KP&P sensor socks – own equipment, available for purchase at the venue